About Us

Our supplier in Lebanon has patented its designs internationally in more than 140 countries. These lovely headscarves are different from those available in the market. The headscarves or tudung are Instant, Pin-free and Ready-wrapped for the modern and trendy woman. It takes less than a minute for the wearer to be ready to go in a stylish look of a properly wrapped hijab or tudung. The hijab is prestiched and therefore looks like a wrapped hijab.

Our Story

We fell in love with Bokitta the first time we saw it. The design on each piece of Bokitta is different from one another. We love its uniqueness. Each design is stylish and fashionable while suitable for daily wear and for those special occasions. This is why we think Bokitta is a special collection that should be kept by every women. The attractive mixture of colors and design brings joy to all women across the globe. Lets celebrate our differentiation!

Why do we say  these beautiful hijabs or tudung are perfect? 

These  hijab are perfect for the modern, trendy and active women. They are also perfect for those who are new to wearing the tudung or hijabs. This is because they are:

so easy to wear, no fuss whatsoever and they require no pins.

quick to wear and therefore save time  especially for the busy and on the go ladies.

while it is an instant ready-to-wear hijab it seems like a naturally wrapped hijabs.

perfect for our hot and humid climate because it is light and airy.